Therapy & Coaching

My way of therapy and coaching is based on a holistic, tantric life approach and mindfulness. Being present, listening to your spoken messages but also to the hidden and unconscious ones, supporting you to see and deal with them as well. Through feedback and exercises I guide you to more awareness and presence, to listen to yourself more, to look at your conditionings and make more conscious choices. Taking full responsibility for your own life will give you the power to create the life you would like to live!

I am also specialised in sexual traumas. Sexual therapy is a good way to befriend your own sexuality more fully and let it be the source of joy and energy that a harmonious sexuality can be.
Working with couples we try to find new ways of meeting, listening and communication through presence in the heart and awareness. We do practices to increase understanding and connection.

In the individual sessions I use different techniques depending on your wish and what I think can benefit you, after listening to your story. The main focus will always be finding working solutions and the will to allow expansion and opening to a better future with more awareness and love.

Some of my methods:

TRE - Tension & Trauma Releasing exercises, a method created ny David Berceli, USA

De-armouring, a powerful method to release traumas and blockages or just to connect to your source of power.

Family Constellations
A method created in its present form by Bert Hellinger. It is based on the idea that every single person is part of a bigger whole, a family system, which is directed by a common consciousness.
Through the method the hidden dynamics of a family can be brought to light.
By becoming aware of the hidden dynamics and by giving every member their own place in the system, energy may flow freely in a way that creates an atmosphere of balance, respect and love in the family.
Family Constellations may have a big impact on relations within the family of origin as well as on the relations between partners and the wellbeing of the children in the current family.