Tantra workshops for singles and couples

One basic message of Tantra is to drop the goal and enjoy the journey itself. Presence in the moment is easy when you get in the state of ”non doing”.

My Tantra workshops are based on practice and you “learn” through your own experience instead of lectures. Different exercises and meditations will bring different teachings about yourself depending on when and in which context you do the exercise. There is no right or wrong way to experience a tantric meditation and you will learn exactly what you need in the moment.
The way of tantric exercises/meditations is to open and to release, to help you open your heart, connect with your sexuality and your deepest emotions as well as releasing eventual blockages without you even needing to know or analyse exactly what the release was about.

In the workshops we work/play a lot with the body; dancing, breathing, touching as well silent meditation. We do exercises alone, in couples and groups. You will work with different partners. Even if you come with your lover I recommend that you do some exercises with others. All exercises are voluntary and can be done in different ways to suit everybody!

In my workshops clothing is voluntary and depending on the exercise you can choose if you like or how much you like to undress. In more intimate exercises with a stranger we still recommend you to wear at least underwear to avoid genital contact! Although many exercises are about sexual energy and embracing our sexuality, no penetration or other direct forms of sex are included in the sessions.

The primary purpose of tantra is not only to achieve a better sex life but to use the countless situations and encounters in everyday life, including sex, as gateways to a deeper experience of meditation, love and presence in life.
Tantra is a way of living and regarding the world through love, acceptance and being present in the moment. Tantra is about embracing what is without judging.
Within tantra sexuality is an accepted and highly valued part of life. Tantric sexuality is a natural and spiritual sexuality with a great impact on our well being. Tantric exercises and experiences are for many of us a functional path to self love and self acceptance as well as opening blockages like shame, trauma and prejudices around sexuality. In a relationship, tantra can be the way to deeper trust and letting go of an obsessive need to own and control ones partner, as the love for one self and trust in life grows stronger.

Welcome to contact me to know more about the workshops!