Shake your roots - Dance your truth

TRE, Family Constellation and Open Floor Movement Practice.

This weekend is for those who are willing to give up old ineffective patterns and want to find a new way to live in harmony with their own wisdom, to make new choices that are not always easy, obvious or merely nice.

The weekend will help you to become more authentic and live your life more fully and genuinely by becoming more aware of what values are your own and what values you have adopted unquestioningly from other people.

During the weekend we touch our lives as a whole from three different time perspectives. We heal our roots with the help of Family Constellation, release tensions in our body caused by stress and trauma memories, in the present moment, using TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), as well as dancing to integrate a new authentic life and future through (Open Floor) movement practice.
Our method of work is functional, empowering and life-affirming.
Previous experience is not required.
The course will be held in English.
Leaders: Shanti Limnell and
Simon Yearwood