Shanti Limnell
I lived my whole life until end of 2017 in Finland where we lived as a small eco-community and run a course centre and small scale eco-guest house in southern Finland. In the beginning of 2017 the wind of change and letting go of the old blew into my life and I felt it was time to jump into the unknown and moved with my partner Simon to Alentejo, Portugal, where we bought a farm together.

My life approach is ecologic - spiritual both as a private person, therapist and group leader.
I am the mother of four wonderful children and have lived all my adult life in communities with people from different countries and cultures who's different life stories have taught me a lot. I consider my common travellers as mirrors and all kinds of relationships as the best of teachers.
In 1998-99 I spent some time in India practicing meditation and Tantra. During the following years I practiced tantra mainly guided by my teacher Radha C. Luglio, who was initiated by Osho to start a tantra school. After an interview with a Finnish ladies magazine about how tantra had changed my life, I received many requests to start teaching, and so I did in 2003. I also put a lot of emphasis on bodywork and body awareness on the path to a holistic wellbeing.
I lead workshops and give private sessions in tantra, therapy for individuals and couples as well as Family Constellations.
Tantric Life Coach
Therapist specialised in sexuality and relationships
TRE level II instructor
Facilitator of Family Constellations
Shindo bodywork instructor