Events 2017

Autumn 2017
Wild Heart Transformation & Tantric Life Coach training
Tantra is a great path of transformation and awakening. During the last three years when I’ve been leading the TLC – Tantric Life Coach training – I’ve seen my students go through profound transformations in their lives and attitudes. This is one reason for renaming “Tantra Training” to Wild Heart Transformation. The content of the training will continue as before, still not fixed but flowing, as preparation for the second year, which ends with certification as a Tantric Life Coach.

When I say that the content is not fixed but flowing, I mean that there is no strict plan for which issues we will touch on in any particular module. Instead we will follow the energy, dealing with whatever comes up during the practices, sharing and meditations.
The basic methods we will use are Tantric exercises, Systemic Constellations, TRE – Tension and Trauma releasing Exercises, bodywork, touch and breath-work.

The journey’s direction is to establish a stronger and more straight and uncomplicated connection to your own heart space. The heart is spontaneous and wild. Connected to you own heart space, your life will unfold in an easier and more joyful way. You will be able to connect with, inspire and support others in new ways. You will be able to make a difference in the society you live in, a difference on the planet.

Wild Heart Transformation is a one-year process consisting of five weekend modules, of which you commit to participate in at least four, and one five-day retreat in the summer. Making this journey with the same group of people makes it very different from participating in many ordinary Tantra retreats. The process of the group and the fact that the participants will be the same make it possible to go deeper together at every meeting.

After completing the first year of training you can decide if you want to take your own process a step further to learn practical skills for using the tantric approach professionally.

If you feel the call for transformation and the courage to challenge yourself and make a difference in the world, the training might be for you!

Schedule 2017 - 2018
29.9-1.10, 24-26.11, 26-28.1, 2-4.3, 20-22.4, 13-17.6
Price: 1450€ + food and accommodation

Tantric Life Coach

In Tantric Life Coach training you will learn skills to coach others, to do tantric bodywork, to facilitate groups, to lead meditations and exercises. As part of the group process you will have opportunities to deal with challenges within the group, both personal and professional. You will have a chance to grow in your expression and communication, to practice giving and receiving feedback in a constructive and loving way. You will grow a stronger connection and trust within yourself, learning how to relax and center yourself in challenging situations.

The Tantric Life Coach training consists of five weekend modules, of which you commit to participate at least in four, and one six-day retreat in the summer where you will present your graduation assignment for the group.
In addition to the weekend modules you will meet and practice with your peer group between the modules. You will be required to read some books and make presentations for your peers.

The purpose of TLC training is to gain skills for taking the tantric approach into your daily work, be that leading a business, teaching children in school, giving one-on-one coaching sessions, bodywork, directing theatre or facilitating workshops. My intention is to support you to find your own way of sharing your best with the world.